About The Miniature Horde

We are Horde, We are Miniature Wargamers.

The Miniature Horde is the brainchild of Irish Croger and his amazing friends, they are combining their vast years of experience in the miniature wargaming hobby to assist the community in growth. Most of the founding members are long term gamers who have played for years and have amassed a wealth of knowledge when it comes to playing, painting and hobbying miniatures from 15mm ancients to 28mm sci-fi we have done it all.


What Is The Plan ?

We want to grow this business into a full gaming store in Melbourne, we all come from the Warplings Wargaming Club. Which is a long standing Club Known for its openness and inclusivity and that ethos is what we would like to emulate.


What We Do ?

We provide advice and guidance in the growth of the hobby. We have made a few products that will help any wargamer improve their experience and we sell GW Products cheap to help the community that is the madness of the 20's.


Why Choose Us ?

We care. We are also wargamers not people just in it for the sale. We are part of the community and we support local clubs and events.


The Contributors

The People Miniature Horde wouldn't exist without.

Irish Croger
The Go Getter, that needs all these peoples help.

Chris Perry
Designer Extraordinaire, who knows how to keep Irish in check.

Natalie Gresswell
GW Specialist, Who is not angry that's just her face.

Josh Richardson
The Tech Guy with lasers and so many painted armies.

Phil Bruce
Stickman artist and general madman.

Bryce Campbell
The Hands on Guy with logic for days.