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Zabavka Workshop

Egypt Bases by Zabavka Workshop

Egypt Bases by Zabavka Workshop

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Egypt Bases by Zabavka Workshop

These bases are a combination of Miniature Hordes fantastic bases and toppers from 2 different Kickstarters by the talented people from Zabavka Workshop. To help make sure our customers have all the options for their models we have adapted some of these bases to fit the missing base sizes from the kickstarter these are listed with Adapted.

All bases are designed to accommodate 6x2mm magnets. all bases are sold without magnets. The correct magnets are here. We stand by our choice of these magnets for the ultimate Miniature protection.

5 x 25mm
5 x 28mm Adapted
10 x 32mm 
1 x 32mm Hero Bases
6 x 40mm
1 x 40mm Hero Bases
2 x 50mm
2 x 64mm(60)mm
1 x 80mm
1 x 90mm
2 x 100mm
3 x 60x35mm
3 x 75x42mm 1 Adapted
3 x 90x52mm 2 Adapted
1 x 105x70mm
1 x 120x92mm
1 x 170x106mm 

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