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Miniature Horde

20-25mm Square Base Adaptor Movement trays

20-25mm Square Base Adaptor Movement trays

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These Trays will fit any 20mm base for those Gamers that already have beautifully painted and based armies, that they do not want to rebase them. The tray area where the model sits are 3mm deep so they sit slightly lower than both GW bases and our own bases.

These trays have centralised magnet holes to perfectly fit 6x1mm magnets available here

These unit types will need adaptors:
All Humans
All Dwarfs
All Goblins/Hobgoblins/Gnoblars
All Elves
All Skinks
All Skeletons/Zombies/Vampires
All Skaven Ratmen
All Ungors and Basic Gors


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