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Txarli Factory

Dry Ground Square Bases By Txarli Factory

Dry Ground Square Bases By Txarli Factory

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Dry Ground Bases By Txarli Factory

These bases have been made by cutting up the highly detailed textures from Txarli Factory then attaching them to our fantastic bases which include magnet holders that match up with all our Movement trays available here

These bases have been slightly modified to fit the 6x2mm magnets that we sell.

all bases are sold without magnets. The correct magnets are here.

Sizes are:

25mm - 10 Variants 
30mm  - 10 Variants 
40mm - 10 Variants 
50mm - 5 Variants 
25x50mm - 10 Variants 
30x60mm - 10 Variants 
40x60mm - 5 Variants 
50x75mm - 5 Variants 
50x100mm - 3 Variants 
60x100mm 3 Variants 
100x150mm 1 Variant

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