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Tired World Studios

Fountain - Tired World Studio

Fountain - Tired World Studio

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The fountain is a great centrepiece kit to break up large open areas of your table and add a nice water feature to your crumbling city to brighten up the place!

Includes a statue of "The Baron", who is 28mm scaled and can be used as a regular miniature if you wish!

The fountain and statue come in both ruined and intact versions, so you can suit the mood of your table.

Includes options to build the column as just a statue rather than a fountain. The fountain and column base are also able to be used standalone without the elaborate raised base.

"The Baron" statue sculpted by the talented Bill Thornhill of Lost Heresy Miniatures.

These buildings are designed by Tired World Studios a fantastic designer based in Melbourne. They have a passion for both design and tabletop wargames. This set was part of the Hexengarde Kickstarter which was solely produces just so they had good terrain to play Mordheim on and we can concur they are good to play Mordheim on.

All Terrain is printed in Black PLA at a 0.2mm layer height this provides a great combination of strength and detail

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