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Old Battlefield Bases By Zabavka

Old Battlefield Bases By Zabavka

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Old Battlefield Bases by Zabavka

These bases have been slightly modified to fit the 6x2mm magnets that we sell.

all bases can be sold with or without magnets.

Complete Sets Include 1 set of all available sets for each theme.

5 x 25mm
5 x 32mm Set A
5 x 32mm Set B
3 x 40mm
1 x 50mm
1 x 64mm(60)mm
1 x 80mm
1 x 90mm
1 x 100mm
2 x 60x35mm
2 x 75x42mm
1 x 90x52mm
1 x 120x92mm
1 x 25mm Hero Base
1 x 32mm Hero Base
1 x 40mm Hero Base

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