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Tired World Studios

Ramshackle Walkways - Tired World Studio

Ramshackle Walkways - Tired World Studio

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The Ramshackle Walkways kit includes cobbled together wooden walkways, in two different lengths and two different widths, Ladders and a Scaffolding piece, allowing you to extend your runs of gangplanks above your board surface and connect ruined buildings and city foundations in snaking runs for those cinematic diving charges!


  • 1x Scaffold
  • 1x Ladder
  • 1x Long Narrow Walkway
  • 1x Short Narrow Walkway
  • 1x Long Wide Walkway
  • 1x Short Wide Walkway


These buildings are designed by Tired World Studios a fantastic designer based in Melbourne. They have a passion for both design and tabletop wargames. This set was part of the Hexengarde Kickstarter which was solely produces just so they had good terrain to play Mordheim on and we can concur they are good to play Mordheim on.

All Terrain is printed in Black PLA at a 0.2mm layer height this provides a great combination of strength and detail

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