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Miniature Horde

25mm Square Base Movement trays

25mm Square Base Movement trays

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These Trays will fit any base that is multiples of 25mm such as:

25mm bases
25x50mm bases = 1 wide by 2 deep
50mm bases = 2 wide by 2 deep
50x75mm bases= 2 wide by 3 deep
50x100mm bases = 2 wide by 4 deep

These trays have centralised magnet holes to perfectly fit 6x1mm magnets available here

25mm bases are for:
All Humans
All Dwarfs
All Goblins/Hobgoblins/Gnoblars
All Elves
All Skinks
All Skeletons/Zombies/Vampires
All Skaven Ratmen
All Ungors and Basic Gors

25x50mm bases are for:
Mounted Yeomen
Wolf Riders
Spider Riders
Skaven Weapons Teams
Skeleton Horsemen
Chaos Warhounds
Dire Wolves

50mm bases are for:
Chaos Spawn
Great Eagles

50x100mm bases are for: 
Goblin Wolf Chariots
Ork Boar Chariots
Skeleton Chariots
Necropolis Knights
Sepulchral Stalkers
High Elf ground Chariots

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